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The Revival Snare & Bass Drum Sample Library Bundle

The Revival Snare & Bass Drum Sample Library Bundle

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Introducing The Revival Drum Shop Snare and Bass Drum Sample Library Bundle. Enjoy this massive collection of over 10,000 kick and snare samples, all at a 25% bundled discount.

About The Snare Drum Library:

Decades in the making, the library was recorded at Vancouver’s Bocce Recording, under the thoughtful guidance of producer Mark Powers and engineer John Morgan Askew, and encompasses 57 unique, classic, vintage, and antique snare drums, offering a sonic palette of 1,425 pre-blended samples for you to use individually or as round robins in your DAW.

Also included are the original 7,125 samples captured from all mics involved in the process, giving you a grand total of 8,550 samples to use as you choose. Within this offering you will find not only 2s and 4s, but the rimshots, cross-sticks, ghost notes, and room dynamics to bring organic and authentic life to your drum mixes.

About The Bass Drum Library:

At the foundation of the modern song is the one-two punch of a kick and a snare, laying a fundamental beat upon which a symphony of melodies can be layered. In pursuit of that foundation, José Medeles presents a selection of vintage bass drum sounds, the second offering in his curated Sample Library of unique and valuable tones for studio or stage. 

Once again partnering with producer Mark Powers and engineer John Askew, this package offers the sounds of 37 vintage and famed bass drums–captured by four classic microphones–in a collection totaling 2,220 unique samples. Perfect as a companion to the snare samples of Volume 1, this collection is sure to bring another layer of authentic, organic rhythm to lock down your next groove.

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Works in all DAWs:


The Snare Drum Sample Library:

Blended/mixed samples (25 per drum) which feature five round-robin options for each of the following five sounds:
• Center stroke
• Ghost note
• Rimshot
• Side stick (cross-stick)
• Snares off (center stroke)

Original/un-mixed samples (a total of 125 per drum) from each of these microphones used in the recording process:
• Shure SM57 (bottom)
• Beyerdynamic M 201 TG (top)
• Coles 4038 (overhead)
• AEA R88 MkII stereo ribbon (room) 
• AKG C451 B stereo pair (room)

All samples are 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files

Library size: 5.9 GB

A list of all snares, with details about their era, size, shell construction, and number of lugs is included, as well as a photo of each vintage snare at the top of its folder of samples.

Curated and performed by José Medeles
Produced by Mark Powers
Recorded by John Morgan Askew at Bocce – Vancouver, WA
Studio assistance by Ryan Moore and Keith Mikami

The Bass Drum Sample Library:

Five round-robin samples of each of the following three rounds/articulations:
• Regular full stroke (beater rebounding away from the head) 
• Buried beater (pressed into the head)
• Feathered (light 1” stroke distance)

Captured by each of these microphones used in the recording process:
• AKG D112
• Soundelux U195
• AEA R88 MkII stereo ribbon (room)
• AEA R44 ribbon (room)

For a grand total of 2,220 separate samples.

A list of all bass drums, with details about their era, dimensions, number of plies, and number of lugs.

All samples are 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files

Library size: 1.9 GB

Curated by José Medeles
Performed by Ryan Moore
Produced by Mark Powers
Recorded by John Morgan Askew at Bocce – Vancouver, WA
Studio assistance by Keith Mikami

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