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Shawn Zorn - For The Song Vol 1

Shawn Zorn - For The Song Vol 1

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Recorded on a plethora of analog gear at Memphis Magnetic Recording Co., Shawn Zorn 'For The Song' Volume 1 is a drum and sample library designed specifically for songwriters.

By using two vintage kits and a hybrid kit, this collection features three distinct "vibes", each with hundreds of loops played across a wide range of tempos and feels. In addition, each loop has 3 unique mixes (mono, stereo & rooms), ensuring that you'll find the perfect sonic and rhythmic beats for your track.

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Production Notes:
Overall and in nutshell, the three drum kits have different sets of mixes....kind of specific to the general direction of the day.

For example:

The Pearl Kit has the full treatment that we did on the George Sluppick pack:....mono / regular stereo / and rooms.

The Apartment Rehearsal Kit, is, because it is by nature kind of a made-up assemblage of drum parts and found objects (like a frying pan, etc), it didn't really lend itself to the "full on awesome studio kit" vibe, so the mixes are Stereo (ie: normal) / Overheads and Kick (ie: au natural) / and "Crappy sounds like it is from an early 1960s record", but perfect in that "sits in the background of a mix kind of way". These three mixes actually stack up together really nicely. For example, putting all three mixes together (playing together at the same time) makes a pretty nice solid drum sound, and then one or two of the mixes can be muted / unmuted to emphasize different song sections.

The Slingerland Kit, was the first thing Shawn and I did for this pack and frankly, we did it just because our session wrapped up early that day (we were tracking for the frontman of Soul Coughing) and we were getting such a good rootsy sound, the two of us just decided to hang out a little longer play / record drums. So I didn't really plan ahead as far as multiple mix options, so it kind of is what it is, but that kit is a magic old thing that just inspires and sounds natural and we prob don't need a bunch of mix options anyways. Later that day, we started to put the drum bus thru guitar pedals, and stuff like that. We were really just having fun and getting extremely creative with the drum tones.

All of these drums were cut thru our 2 inch, 16 track Ampex tape machine and I used the board pres on our old Sphere desk. The mic setup on the kit was Neumann U47 fets on the kick and floor, U87 on the rack tom, Beyerdynamic m160s on overheads, Beyerdynamic m201s on the snare, Neumann km84 on the hi-hat and Coles 4038s on the stereo room.

Scott McEwen
Founder / Owner
Memphis Magnetic Recording Co.

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Product Specs:
Number of Loops & Samples: 1,032
File Formats: WAV Audio Loops & Samples + MASCHINE KITS
File Size: 4.07 GB

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- 100% Royalty-Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ WAV Audio

About Shawn Zorn:
Shawn Zorn is a drummer from Memphis, TN who now splits his time between Nashville and Memphis. He has performed or recorded with artists such as Dashboard Confessional, Luther Dickinson, John Paul Keith, Elizabeth Cook, Twin Forks, Allen Mack Myers Moors (featuring Zach Myers of Shinedown), Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), Amy LaVere, Will Sexton, Cory Branan, Anthony Raneri (Bayside), Ingram Hill, Motel Mirrors, La Femme, Devon Allman, Shannon McNally, Susan Marshall.

Shawn considers himself a "songwriter's drummer" with nearly 20 years of live performance, touring and studio experience.


Studio Tracks Spotify Link:

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