Ben Satterlee - Session Drums Vol 1

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Known around the world as "The Nashville Drum Coach", I knew Ben Satterlee would be the perfect musician for creating a loop and sample pack that covered a wide range of drum grooves, while also sounding and feeling incredible.

Recorded at Ben's personal studio in a farmhouse south of Nashville. Ben Satterlee Session Drums Vol 1 features six complete sessions, each utilizing a custom drum kit (see details below). In addition, Ben also sampled every drum, cymbal, and percussion instrument in his arsenal, allowing you to easily program your own beats using the exact same sounds from his loop sessions.

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Drum Kit Details:

92 bpm Pop Kit:
13” LP steel salsa snare
20” PDP Concept maple kick
12” PDP Concept maple concert tom
14” Dream Bliss hats

16” Dream Bliss Crash
18” Dream Dark Matter Bliss Paper Thin Crash
10” Dream Bliss Splash

LP Cyclops Tamb
LP Twist Shake Single Medium
LP Dual Shake Loud

78 bpm Cajón Kit:
LP boxkit 3-zone cajon (kick)
PDP 5x14 Concept Select aluminum with BFSD

16” Dream Crash hats (with BFSD jingle)
22” Dream Dark Matter Bliss crash-ride(with bells and sizzle chain)

Perc overdubs:
Homemade rice shaker
Upcycled Percussion “Scrabble” rattle
Upcycled Percussion “waterfall” rattle
16” Dream Crash hats(with BFSD jingle) chick sound

84 bpm Neo-soul Kit:
18” PDP maple kick (lambswool beater)
10” PDP maple snare

12” custom Dream hats
11” Steel splash
8” fisher price toy splash

Stack ring percussion stacker

92bpm Pop Kit
12x20 DW maple kick
5x14 PdP maple (diecast hoops)
10” PDP rack
12” PDP rack

14” Dream Ignition hats
18” Dream Bliss paper-thin crash
18” Dream Pang

LP cyclops tambourine
LP session shaker

100 bpm Retro Kit:
12x20 DW maple kick with lambswool beater
12” PDP concept classic tom
14” PDP concept classic floor tom
6.5x14 PDP concept classic snare

14” Dream hats (bliss top/ignition top on bottom)
20” Dream Bliss Paper-thin crash
24” Dream Bliss small bell flat ride.

50s Ludwig and Ludwig wood tambourine

64 bpm Six Eight Kit:
16x18” PDP Concept Classic maple
8x12 PDP Dry Maple snare

18” Dream crash hats(Bliss Paper-thin top/energy bottom)
22” Dream dark matter bliss crash-ride

LP Cyclops tambourine

Works in all DAWs:

Product Specs:
Number of Sessions: 6
Number of Loops & Samples: 332
File Size: 485 MB

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty-Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ WAV Audio

About Ben Satterlee:

Ben Satterlee also known as "The Nashville Drum Coach” is a drum instructor and studio musician based in Nashville, TN.

Drawn to the drums at an early age after seeing the drummer in Church, it was only a matter of time before Ben became obsessed. After being gifted a beginner drum set when he was 12, he started gigging shortly after and the rest they say is history. Touring and teaching from the age of 19, he has played all over the US as well as Canada and Mexico. He was an original drum instructor for and had a groove of his featured in Stanton Moore’s Dvd “Groove Alchemy” which won Best Instructional DVD Modern Drummer magazine in 2011.

After touring out of Nashville for 7 years, Ben decided to come off the road and focus on building up his teaching and home studio work. He’s also done over 20 local “Fun With Drums” kids events in Nashville area libraries. He’s very active on Instagram and is passionate about inspiring the next generation to pursue the arts.

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