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The Producer Pack

The Producer Pack

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Are you looking for the ultimate collection of MIDI, Multitracks, Ableton sessions, Logic sessions, and audio drum loops and samples? Introducing The Producer Pack. Featuring 47 separate libraries including all of our Brush Drums, Indie Rock Drums, Complete Takes, More MIDI Drums, Dry Drums, Hybrid MIDI Drums, Multitrack Drums, and our Man vs Moog library, this bundle is guaranteed to provide the creative (and sonic) spark you're looking for, all while saving over 90%!

Want an even better deal? Download The Ultimate Bundle and get instant access to every library in The Yurt Rock catalog!

Included in the bundle:
Brush Drums Vol 1
Brush Drums Vol 2
Brush Drums Vol 3
Brush Drums Vol 4
Brush Drums Vol 5
Complete Takes Vol 1
Complete Takes Vol 2
Complete Takes Vol 3
Dry Drums Vol 1
Dry Drums Vol 2
Dry Drums Vol 3
Dry Drums Vol 4
Dry Drums Vol 5
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 1
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 2
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 3
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 4
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 5
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 6
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 7
Hybrid MIDI Drums Vol 8
Indie Rock Drums Vol 1
Indie Rock Drums Vol 2
Indie Rock Drums Vol 3
Indie Rock Drums Vol 4
Indie Rock Drums Vol 5
Indie Rock Drums Vol 6
More MIDI Odd Meter Drums Vol 1
More MIDI Funk & Soul Drums Vol 2
More MIDI Funk & Soul Drums Vol 3
More MIDI Songwriter Drums Vol 4
More MIDI Songwriter Drums Vol 5
More MIDI Funk & Soul Drums Vol 6
Multitrack Acoustic Folk Drums Vol 1
Multitrack Acoustic Folk Drums Vol 2
Multitrack Indie Rock Drums Vol 1
Multitrack Indie Rock Drums Vol 2
Multitrack Drums Songwriter Series Vol 1
Multitrack Drums Songwriter Series Vol 2
Multitrack Drums Rock & Roll Series Vol 1
Multitrack Drums Rock & Roll Series Vol 2
Multitrack Drums Dry Drums Series Vol 1
Multitrack Drums Dry Drums Series Vol 2
Multitrack Drums Studio Drums Vol 1
Multitrack Drums Studio Drums Vol 2
Man vs. Moog Vol 1
Man vs. Moog Vol 2
Man vs. Moog Vol 3
Man vs. Moog Vol 4
Man vs. Moog Vol 5
Man vs. Moog Vol 6

Indie Rock Drums Bundle

Brush Drums Bundle

Dry Drums Bundle

Hybrid MIDI Drums:


Multitrack Drums:

Man vs. Moog:

Complete Takes Volume 1:

Complete Takes Volume 2:
Complete Takes Volume 3:
Odd Meter Drums V1:

Funk & Soul Drums V2:

Funk & Soul Drums V3:

Songwriter Drums V4:

Songwriter Drums V5:

Funk & Soul Drums V6:

Works in all DAWs:

Product Specs:
Number of Libraries: 46
Total File Size: 15.3 GB

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty-Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ WAV Audio & MIDI Files

About Hybrid Drums:
Analog and digital. MIDI and audio. Hybrid Drums featuring Ryan Gruss gives you the best of both worlds. Tracked on a mix of Roland V-Drums and a variety of acoustic kits, Hybrid Drums blends sounds and grooves in an exciting and innovative way.

Want control over every single hit? Just drag and drop the MIDI loops directly to your DAW. Want sounds and grooves that instantly inspire? Just browse through the hundreds of audio loops to find the perfect match for your track.

About Multitrack Drums:
Do you want to take 100% control of your drum mix? Multitrack Drums is the series you've been waiting for. With seven channels of audio included with every drum loop (including kick, snare, tom, floor tom, overheads and room mic), Multitrack Drums combines the flexibility of loops with the creative control of multitrack drum sessions.

Just drag and drop into any DAW and instantly start mixing to your own taste. Want more kick? Just raise the fader. Looking for more high end in the cymbals? Just add some EQ to the overhead channels.

Are you a Logic user? Get instant access to a full-mixed and arranged Logic Pro X Session. From intros to verses, choruses to bridges, our Multitrack Logic Session lets you hit the ground running with the drums already arranged in song format.

About Man vs. Moog:
I never thought this would happen. I got into a battle with my Moog synths. We exchanged rhythmic and sonic punches. I twisted the knobs of the DFAM and Subharmonicon while the synths returned fire with a flurry of angular, analog phrases. Fortunately, nobody was severely hurt and we captured the entire exchange in pristine, 24 bit 48 kHz fidelity.

The result of this battle? Our latest Yurt Rock release entitled Mav vs Moog. This library features six unique sessions, each highlighting a different Moog patch and drum kit. The loops are provided with the Moog and drums loops mixed together, as well as isolated drum and synth tracks, allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect foundation for your next production. And you won't even get a black eye in the process (we took that punch for you)!

Still not sure? Click here to find out how these loops will work with your setup.

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Have a question? Welcome To The FAQ Section:

How will I receive my order?

Immediately following checkout, you will receive an email containing your download link(s) & you will always have access to your files.

What do you mean by "works in all DAWs"?

For each release that you download, we provide everything into organized folders (by bpm and tempo) that allow you to quickly find the loops and samples that you're looking for. From there, simply just drag and drop the file into Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio and any other DAW that you might be using.

Yurt Rock products are 100% Royalty-Free. What exactly does this mean?

This means that you can use any of the loops purchased from Yurt Rock in your own songs and you are free to sell the recording commercially without owing us any money. It’s that simple.