5 Legendary Live Performances

5 Legendary Live Performances feat. Yurt Rock Artists

There's nothing quite as exciting as witnessing world-class musicians performing in a live setting. In this blog post, we'll take a look at 5 different Yurt Rock artists performing in concert:

1. Nate Smith - Live at Madison Square Garden with The Fearless Flyers:

With only a kick, snare and hi-hat, Nate Smith takes funk drumming to another level during this live performance at Madison Square Garden with The Fearless Flyers. Accompanied by bassist Joe Dart, and guitarists Cory Wong and Mark Lettieri, this quartet is the definition of "tight". Click here to preview Nate's Yurt Rock release.

2. Mike Clark - Live with Herbie Hancock's HeadHunters in Bremen, Germany

Mike Clark is a living legend, known for his unique style of "linear" drumming. Here he is in 1974 with a slew of other legends: Herbie Hancock on keys, Paul Jackson on bass, Bennie Maupin on tenor sax, and Bill Summers on percussion, performing The Headhunters' tune, "Spank-A-Lee." You can check out Mike's two Yurt Rock releases here.

3. Bob Reynolds - Live with Snarky Puppy

Not only is Bob Reynolds one of the greatest saxophone players in music today, he was also my roommate (and one of my best friends) at Berklee School of Music and when we moved to New York City after graduation. 

Here's Bob melting faces (and dropping headphones... watch the 4:58 mark) with fusion supergroup Snarky Puppy performing their track "Outlier (We Like It Here)" at At Kytopia Studios in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can download Bob's Yurt Rock Sax Pack here.

4. Charlie Hunter - Breaking Down His Most Iconic Guitar Parts

I became a MASSIVE Charlie Hunter fan when I first heard his debut album in late 1993. "How is this guy playing insane bass lines, guitar chords, and leads all at the same time?" I thought to myself. Apparently I wasn't alone, because Charlie went on to become one of the most in-demand and respected guitar players in the world.

While not a "live performance", here's a fascinating video where Charlie breaks down some of his most iconic guitar performances with artists like D’Angelo, John Mayer (another Berklee friend), Norah Jones, and more. Want Charlie on your tracks? Click here to browse all five of his Yurt Rock loop libraries.

5. Daru Jones - Live with Jack White at Glastonbury

Daru Jones has one of the most distinct and signature drum feels (and kits) out there today. Known for his swaggy, J Dilla-influenced pocket and the extreme angles of his drum kit, Daru is the drummer that artists like Nas, Talib Kweli, RZA, Sturgill Simpson, and Kim Burrell call when they need an extra dose of funk and hip-hop in their music.

Daru can also hit hard and lay down some serious rock and roll grooves. Here he is performing "Seven Nation Army" with Jack White at the 2022 Glastonbury Festival. Infuse Daru's unique style of drumming into your own music with these Yurt Rock releases.

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