Drum Replacement & Doubling Tool - Improve Logic Drum Mixes

Drum Replacement & Doubling Tool - Improve Logic Drum Mixes

Looking for a quick way to instantly enhance your drum mixes in Logic Pro X?

Logic Pro’s Drum Replacement & Doubling Tool is the answer!

In just a few clicks you’ll be able to replace or overdub your kick, snare and other drum audio tracks with one of Logic’s software instruments or samples of your own - unlocking endless possibilities for your drum mixes. 

Using the drum replacement tool is quite possibly the easiest way to add a little extra crack to your snare or punch to your kick and get the drum mix your recordings deserve.

How to Replace or Double Drum Tracks

1. Import or Record Drum Audio Tracks

Record or import a kick, snare and overhead track into Logic Pro X.

Check out the Clyde Stubblefield Multitracks for a quick way to get started using the drum replacement/doubling tool. The multitracks include individual kick, snare, hihat, overhead, rack and floor tom tracks played by Clyde Stubblefield himself. Simply drag and drop the audio tracks into Logic and have Clyde’s legendary sound literally at your fingertips, 100% royalty-free.

2. Double or Replace Drum Track

Once you have your drum tracks in Logic, Select the desired audio track and click control + d.

Logic will then analyze the drum transients of the selected track and create a new software instrument track beneath it. A popup window will open with a number of settings.

logic drum replacement tool

3. Instrument Settings

Generally, you’ll want the instrument dropdown to correspond with the selected audio track. So if you are editing the snare track, set the instrument to snare.

logic pro doubling snare



4. Choose Replacement or Doubling

The next option is where you’ll decide to create a doubled track or completely replace the existing audio track. Let’s select Doubling for now, we can always delete the original audio track later.

drum replacement vs doubling




5. Relative Threshold

The relative threshold determines what drum transients will be doubled. If the threshold is set to 0 dB, you won’t hear the doubled track at all. Alternatively, if you drag the threshold to the far left, all transients within the track will be doubled. Experiment with the threshold to get a desired sound for your mix.

logic relative threshold



6. Choose A Software Instrument

Choose a drum sample from the instrument library on the left side of your screen. Experiment with the various logic sounds or import sounds of your own to begin altering the tone of your mix. Logic comes stocked with plenty of acoustic and electronic drum sounds to get you started!

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Yes! I’ve used this technique a lot with the Stubblefield multitracks. Sometimes I just use the left/right overhead mics mixed with a programmed machine beat just to give some life. Still I use the beats half the time to just jam electric bass to.

Adam Stavrum


Heraldo P. Duarte Duarte

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