The Best MIDI Drums of 2023

The Best MIDI Drums of 2023

Introducing the best MIDI drum loop packs of 2023. If you are looking to take your drum productions to the next level, speed up your workflow with drag and drop MIDI drums, and take control of every drum hit - this is the list for you.

We've hand-picked our favorite MIDI drums from the world's greatest MIDI sources for you to enjoy too.

The MIDI Producer Pack

The #1 Selling MIDI Drum Pack

Looking for it all in one MIDI bundle? The Producer Pack is it. Featuring over 40 different MIDI libraries, you'll never run out of drum beats, sounds, and sources of inspiration. The library includes top-selling drum packs like Indie Rock Drums, Brush Drums, Complete Takes, Multitrack Drums & much more. The best part? You can get it for 90% off today.

Complete Takes MIDI Drums

The Perfect Tool for Songwriting

The Complete Takes series provides 3 minute full drum arrangements you can drag and drop instantly into any DAW. MIDI and WAV formats are included. Each volume is focused on a specific genre from pop to blues and beyond. Complete Takes is the perfect tool to make songwriting easier and inspire new ideas on your instrument.

Hybrid MIDI Drums

Recorded on Roland's High-End V Drums

Hybrid MIDI Drums is the ultimate MIDI drum library. Recorded on Roland's V Drums, these drums provide the greatest articulation, velocity range and control of every hit. Hybrid MIDI Drums is available in multiple volumes including: Pop, Rock, Fusion, Odd Meter, 80s & 90s, Drums in 3 & more. The possibilities are endless when you start utilizing the magic of Hybrid MIDI. Drag and Drop the drums and start recording or take control of the mix with your favorite drum VSTs and plugins.

MIDI Beats by Daru Jones

The Sound of Jack White's Drums at Your Fingertips

Unlock the sound of one of music's most in-demand drummers of our time - Daru Jones (Jack White, Pete Rock, Th1rt3en, DMD the Vibes). This legendary drum pack includes drums in MIDI and WAV format allowing you to take Daru's sound and turn it into your own. Plug this pack into any DAW, VST or drum sampler and make magic.

MIDI Drums for Songwriters

Inspired by Neil Young, Van Morrison, George Harrison and Elvis Costello

More MIDI Drums for Songwriters Vol 7 offers the iconic drum sounds of some of the 70s greatest songwriters including Neil Young, Van Morrison, George Harrison and Elvis Costello. Designed specifically for songwriting, the pack includes drum intros, verses, choruses and bridges to craft your song. Just drag and drop the MIDI loops, set the tempo of your choice, and get back to songwriting with this awesome pack.
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