3 Plugins for Creating Inspiring Film Scores & Soundtracks

3 Plugins for Creating Inspiring Film Scores & Soundtracks

Looking for innovative and inspiring tools and plugins for creating your next film score or soundtrack? Here are 3 tools to help you create ear grabbing piano compositions, ambient synth layers and awesome drum tracks for your next production.

1. Ambition Synth by Sound Yeti

Ambition Synth is an expansive synth VST plugin developed by innovative music software company, Sound Yeti. Ambition is compatible with all DAWS and designed to be used with Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player. The virtual synthesizer provides a simple interface with expansive controls, effects and sounds for any type of production, but is often used for film scoring and soundtracks. 

So what makes Ambition so awesome?

  • The Sounds: The synthesizer's advanced sound engine and modulation capabilities allow you to create a vast array of rich and complex sounds with high levels of detail and depth. From classic analog synth tones to futuristic soundscapes, Ambition has enough built-in presets alone for any type of production.
  • The Interface: There’s so much to love about Ambition from its expansive controls, user-friendly interface and our personal favorite - dual channels so you can create and layer two separate synth sounds with their own effects.
  • Dual Channels: Ambition provides two synth channels (A/B), each with their own sound presets, effects panel, ADSR envelopes, and performance modulations. The channels can be turned on/off by simply toggling the A/B buttons throughout the interface. This allows you to easily turn off particular effects for each channel. The best part? Dual channels allows you to create 2 completely unique sounds and blend them together using Ambition’s multi channel faders. 
  • The Effects: Included in each effects panel is EQ, compression, distortion, LoFi, Saturation, Chorus, Delay and Reverb:
ambition synth effects panel

Additionally, a LFO panel is available for each channel:

ambition synth lofi

Lastly, performance controls like sculpt, echo and breath:

ambition synth performance controls

 Overall, Sound Yeti's Ambition Synth is a powerful and versatile software synthesizer that offers a range of benefits for musicians and producers of all skill levels. Included with Ambition Synth are 2 Expansion Packs (Dawn & Relic).

2. Revelation Scoring Grand Piano by Sound Yeti

 As a musician, producer or film scorer you understand the importance of having the right tools to create the perfect sound for your track. That's why we're excited to introduce the Revelation Scoring Grand Piano plugin – a powerful tool that will take your productions to the next level.

Revelation is a truly one of a kind piano VST specifically designed for creating film scores and other piano-centric music compositions. Also designed by Sound Yeti, this plugin isn’t your typical sampled piano. Before getting into the specs, here’s a video performed by Juan Dussan showcasing a composition created using Revelation:

 Now that you are feeling inspired, let’s discuss some of Revelation’s most impressive features:

  • The Sounds: At its core, the Revelation Scoring Grand Piano is a virtual instrument that faithfully recreates the sound of a world-class grand piano. But what sets this plugin apart is its incredible range of features that enable you to customize and manipulate the sound in ways that were never before possible.
  • Effects: Included in the interface are effect controls for Mic and Character. Within the Mic settings, Revelation provides 4 different microphone placements depending on the piano sound you’d like to achieve including Low, Near, Mid & Far. Combine them together, adjust mix levels or mute certain mic placements to create the piano sound your production desires!
revelation scoring effects
  • Scoring System: One of the most impressive features of the Revelation Scoring Grand Piano is its advanced scoring system. This system allows you to assign a score to each note you play, which can then be used to trigger specific articulations and effects. For example, you can set a high score for a note played with more velocity, which will trigger a brighter sound. Or, you can set a low score for a note played softly, which will trigger a more muted sound. This scoring system gives you unprecedented control over the dynamics and expression of your piano performances.

In conclusion, the Revelation Scoring Grand Piano is an incredibly powerful tool for music producers who demand the best. Its advanced scoring system, wide range of effects, and top-notch sound quality make it a must-have for anyone looking to take their piano productions to the next level. So why wait? Download the Revelation Scoring Grand Piano today and start creating music that truly stands out.

3. Cinematic Drums Bundle - Loop & Sample Library

cinematic drum llibrary

The Cinematic Drums Bundle combines 3 of Yurt Rock’s famous drum loop and sample libraries into one, providing endless possibilities for your film score’s drum track. Combine these drums with the aforementioned plugins and you’ll be on your way to writing awe-inspiring music for your next project. 

With months spent recording, editing and mixing these drum libraries, you can simply drag and drop the loops into your productions or utilize the one-shot samples to create your own cinematic drum rhythms.

The library includes a wide range of drum sounds and dynamics from complete brush drum beats to explosive tom fills and flowing grooves, Cinematic Drums will surely inspire your productions. Here’s the specs breakdown:

  • 552 loops and samples
  • 18 sessions
    • Found Objects 82bpm
    • Hypnotic Three Four 196bpm
    • Intense 80s 117bpm
    • The Lurker 75bpm
    • Tom City 109bpm
    • Warehouse Chase 97bpm
    • Danger Looms 81bpm
    • Floating 79bpm
    • Good Cop 105bpm
    • Percussion Kit 102bpm
    • Three Four Simmer 142bpm
    • Underwater 67bpm
    • Big Brushes 75bpm
    • In The Cracks 95bpm
    • Loose Cord 129bpm
    • Robot March 115bpm
    • Twisted Cave 68bpm
    • Wall of Toms 110bpm

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